Introduction to Ground Water Hydrology

Course Objectives: Introduction to Ground Water Hydrology will provide you with the fundamentals and real world skills needed to work in the environmental field, to enroll in advanced ground water courses and to obtain advanced degrees. The course is based on one taught for over 25 years by one of the most accomplished applied hydrogeologists, Dr. Gary Robbins at the University of Connecticut.

Over the years, the course has evolved emphasizing the use of online material as an alternative to traditional textbook learning. Concepts are reinforced through the use of online slideshows, animations, videos, simulations, and relevant websites. Click on the course content link and look over the sessions and other material for subject matter covered. Click on the purchase & register link above to enroll.

Getting Started: Once you enroll, return to this page and click on the course content link to take the course. Each session consists of a slide presentation (in Flash) that allows you to scroll and resize pages and search for content. Go to the preface session to learn how to optimize the use of the slide presentation format. You will also find learning enhancments at different sessions. These consist of animations, simulations, videos and spreadsheets. There is also review questions and course notes in pdf to help reinforce learning.

Timeframe: Once enrolled, your site access license remains in effect for 1 year.

System and Software Requirements:
VGWA courses require the use of an older browser.  It is suggested you use Mozilla Foxfire 51 (2016) to run the course.  A link to foxfire is provided below. Once the browser is installed, open it to this page, and install the free downloads below. It is suggested that you use the older browser only for VGWA courses. Do not upgrade the browser if you receive such a message.
Windows 7/10
Install Firefox version 51 windows
Install Firefox version 51 mac
After you install a browser install these free downloads
Adobe Reader
Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Shockwave Player (Full version)
You will also need Microsoft Excel;

Tuition: For college students (with valid class discount coupon): $79.00 (includes 6.35% Connecticut Sales Tax).

All others $249.00 (includes 6.35% Connecticut Sales Tax).

Learning Level: College level Junior or above. To get the most out of this course knowledge of basic algebra, geology, chemistry, physics and use of spreadsheets is essential.

Your Instructor: Dr. Gary Robbins.  You may reach him using the contact instructor link.

A Philosophical Note: This course is based on the Ram's Horn Educational, LLC philosophy of hands-on education through simulation. It is an active learning environment that provides prompt feedback, fosters efficient use of time, encourages high expectations, and respects diverse talents. Simulations also allow students to learn in different ways and at their own pace.