Question: I can't see any of the shockwave animations or the text is crossed out?
Answer: Be sure to install the full version of Adobe shockwave player

Question: The Shockwave simulation or animation seems to freeze while loading?
Answer: Click on the view tab then refresh on your browser.

PASSWORD GENERATOR (Pneumatic Slug Test Course)
Question: I plugged in my license code in the password generator but it would not generate a password.
Answer: The license code is case sensitive, Letters are all capitalized.

Question: I entered my username and password but could not enter the training site.
Answer: Be sure to use your assigned license code as your username. Also, your username and password are case sensitive.

Question: I can't view the videos?
Answer: Most of the videos are Flash videos, be sure to install Adobe Flash Player

Question: The slide presentation takes a long time to download or seems to be stalled.
Answer: Click on the view tab then refresh on your browser.

SOLVER ADD-IN IN EXCEL(Intro. to Hydro. and Pneumatic Slug Test Courses)
Question: I do not have the Solver Add-in in Excel.
Answer: The add-in must be activated. Click here for instructions.

SOLVER CURVE FIT IS POOR (Pneumatic Slug Test Course)
Question: I tried using Solver but the curve fit is poor.
Answer: Be sure to follow each step of the instructions in the spreadsheet. You must eliminate the early time data before the start of the test (before the maximum negative number about -30 cm). See step 4. Be sure all the lines on the Solver worksheet to row 128 have data. If not, clear any row that has the term #value in it. See step 7.

Question: When I go to a course site the webpage isblank?
Answer: This is caused by a compatibility issue with IE 11 and password protected or encrypted webpages. But it is easy to resolve. Open the browser, click on the settings button, click on Compatibitly View List and add www.vgwacademy.com to the list. Close and reopen the browser.

Question: When I attempt to download a spreadsheet, I get an SSL error?
Answer: This error is related to security built into the latest versions of Excel in combination with security related settings in your computer or network. You may download the spreadsheets at our SSL certified sites below (usernames and passwords are required).

Slug Test Course Spreadsheets

Pneumatic Slug Test Course Spreadsheets

Low Flow K Course Spreadsheets

Download Introduction to Ground Water Hydrology Spreadsheets

Browser Warning Simulation Site Maybe Unsafe
Question: I received a warning when I clicked on a simulation link that the site maybe unsafe.
Answer: The simuluation use Adobe Shockwave Player. The Player uses an older form of security that browsers are migrating away from.  Browsers are now providing warnings to users if a plugin is not using a newer form of security.  Our course website is on a secure server and password protected.  To run the simulations, if you get a warning, simply go back to the course page and click on the simulation link again. Also,be sure to use the lastest full version of Shockwave Player (Adobe Shockwave Player (Full version).